Dynetics Technical Solutions to add the largest electron beam welding system in North America to its Alabama facility

Company executives were in Germany to sign the agreement with Pro-Beam. This system will be the largest in the western hemisphere.

Dynetics Technical Solutions (DTS) signed an agreement with Pro-Beam, a global leader in the electron beam and laser technology sector, to acquire the largest electron beam welding system. The 22 feet long, 22 feet wide and 22 feet high system will be capable of supporting government and commercial programs at both the unclassified and classified levels.

“This unique welding facility will establish north Alabama as the U.S. leader in advanced electron beam welding for aerospace, defense and commercial sectors.  We are proud to partner with Pro-Beam and our customers to bring this revolutionary capability to bear on programs of national importance,” said Steve Cook, DTS president.

“Pro-Beam is extremely pleased to partner with Dynetics, and excited to be part of this great project that will provide the largest and most modern electron beam welding system for the U.S. market”, said Rod Mourad, president of Pro-Beam USA. “This installation will provide Dynetics with electron beam welding capabilities of large structures that are essential for the U.S. market needs.”

Pro-Beam partners with international high-tech companies to provide precision welding and mass production of components. DTS found that Pro-Beam’s electron beam welding capabilities provided the type of product that the company needed.

“The system is composed of a large vacuum chamber and a powerful 80 kilovolt/40 kilowatt power supply capable of welding high strength/high temperature alloys up to four inches thick in a single pass. It is equipped with a five-axis robotic positioner and automatic seam tracing software providing the ability to weld complex shapes quickly and precisely,” Bob Meadows, DTS manufacturing division manager added. “The system will be an essential addition to our precision machining and fabrication center.”

The company has also completed acceptance of a smaller system from Pro-Beam. The 20 feet long, 7 feet wide and 7 feet sister system will be operational in October 2019. The larger system will be delivered from Germany and installed in 2020. Both systems will be located at the company’s Huntsville headquarters.


About Dynetics Technical Solutions

Headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, Dynetics Technical Solutions, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dynetics, Inc. formed in 2010. Dynetics Technical Solutions has an independent board of directors, autonomous management, operational and support staff with an emphasis on providing high quality mechanical manufacturing, engineering and technology services and solutions to customers. 

About Pro-Beam

The Pro-Beam Group is a global leader in the electron beam and laser technology sector. pro-beam provides services and systems for the welding, curing, perforating, and coating of surfaces. Customers from over 40 countries have been trusting Pro-Beam solutions for over 45 years. The global company is represented by five locations and more than 350 employees. The company headquarters is located in Gilching, near Munich. Pro-Beam USA was established in 2009 and is located in Aurora, Illinois. More information about pro-beam is available at: www.pro-beam.com