Sites for Development


Currently, there are approximately 220 acres of land available for development in CRP West. Land parcels are available in the Park according to a master plan that was designed to provide parcels with a wide variety of size and cost options.

Most parcels have a generally rectangular shape and range upward in size from a minimum requirement of four (4) acres. The price per acre for each parcel is determined by its relative proximity to the major boulevards and water features.  In addition, prior to the sale of the parcel, the City of Huntsville has completed or will complete basic site preparation including road access, curbing, utilities, telecommunications, and drainage.

The Development Guide will give more information and the necessary steps to take to purchase and build in the park. The process of purchasing and developing land in Cummings Research Park East and West is streamlined through the office of the Research Park Director. The Director maintains an office at the Huntsville/Madison County Chamber and provides a single point of coordination, guiding companies through the approval process. To discuss all options for development in CRP, please contact: Erin Koshut, Cummings Research Park Executive Director at 256-535-2086 or [email protected].


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