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UAH I2C Building, 850 Ben Graves Drive, Huntsville, Alabama, United States 35816

Each student will be taught the basics of game design, coding principles, and even use programs the professionals create with. These skills will both entertain them and prepare them for future computer science careers!

Our classes focus on building basic skills through hands on experience. We don't just show how it's done. Each child will have a computer to interact and copy our instructions. After the class, we want to impart the following skills:

-A basic understanding of coding and graphics
-Experience in simple command mechanics through activities
-A solid grasp on conditional logic: if/then statements, etc.
-Graphical design of characters, sprites, and other objects
-Introductory knowledge of a real professional design software

This may seem like a lot for pre-teens but we use industry-leading, proven software to teach the children and can adjust specific goals to the progression of each student. I can't express how excited I am to see their faces when they press execute and play a game they made, it's simply magic!