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601 Genome Way Suite 1222, Alabama, United States 35806

transOMIC technologies Inc. is a newly founded biotechnology company focused on providing the life science research market with innovative technologies and research tools to accelerate the quest towards elucidating the complexity of  life and human disease.
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At transOMIC technologies we believe deeply in the power of science and technology to advance our understanding of biological systems to ultimately improve the quality of life. Our company will provide next-generation research tools to help unravel genetic complexity and understand disease development. This mission, coupled with a deep understanding of the tools that life science researchers need, drives our focus to be a research partner; delivering  technologies in a cost-effective and technically supported manner to enable  discovery across the genome.

Our product portfolio is developed through close collaborations with the world’s leading research institutes enabling rapid commercialization of next generation tools and technologies to make them broadly accessible to the research community.

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