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4906 Research Drive NW, Alabama, United States 35805

KBM is a premier provider of specialty research, development, engineering, information technology, business, logistics, and manufacturing services. As a woman-owned small business, KBM offers a wide range of professional services to meet the needs of our DoD, state/local government, and commercial clients. Since our inception in 1982, KBM has maintained an excellent reputation of exceeding our clients' expectations.  KBM is committed to diversity in the workplace and in our business strategy and relationships simply because it makes good business sense.  As a woman business enterprise, we have always held the strategic position of partnering relationships with the most capable businesses, regardless of background.

KBM began in Huntsville, Alabama as an R&D support contractor to System Simulation and Development Directorate of (then) MICOM, and subsequently expanded to other various Directorates, Project Offices, and Commands. KBM's early management used the skills developed in programs like Skylab, Spacelab, HAWK, and other systems to develop the processes and procedures we use today. KBM quickly developed a reputation for quality solutions and performing beyond expectations.

In the late 80's KBM moved into the electronic manufacturing industry. KBM provided services for some of the biggest electronic companies in the world and serviced them world wide.

The 90's saw KBM continue to grow as we started the IT services division servicing health, manufacturing, retail, shipping, and state and local government industries.

We continue today, growing steadily along with our clients. Clients supported by KBM receive recognition, promotions, and awards from their customers, supervisors, and peers. This has been accomplished through adherence to established corporate tenets of Customer Service, Employee Development, and Corporate Success.

KBM will be there for our Clients, Today and Tomorrow.