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601 Genome Way, Suite 3100, Huntsville, Alabama, United States 35806

IMUNON is a fully integrated, clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on advancing a portfolio of innovative treatments that harness the body’s natural mechanisms to generate safe, effective and durable responses across a broad array of human diseases, constituting a differentiating approach from conventional therapies. This approach has led to the development of the TheraPlas and PlaCCine technology platforms.

IMUNON has a Phase II program (IMNN-001) under evaluation for the treatment of advanced ovarian cancer that is developed using our TheraPlas modality for immunotherapies and other anti-cancer nucleic acid-based therapies. We have also demonstrated preclinical proof of concept in rodent and non-human primate (NHP) models for our PlaCCine modality for the development of nucleic acid vaccines for infectious diseases and cancer and will be filing our first IND (for IMNN-101) with this platform in 2023.

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