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658 Discovery Drive Northwest, Alabama, United States 35806

IERUS Technologies is a Georgia corporation headquartered in Huntsville, AL. With offices in both Huntsville, AL and Atlanta, GA, IERUS is ideally suited to provide high-tech services and design support to south-east and beyond. IERUS’s core skills include global optimization, RF spectrum technologies, and software acceleration. IERUS also provides support in the areas of systems engineering and program management.

IERUS is a small business with a Hubzone certification. Ready to support our customers in both the defense and commercial sectors, IERUS’s first contract was in April of 2010. Our staff of engineers and managers is ready to support a wide variety of technology problems. Current and recent customers include Lockheed-Martin Corporation, L-3 Communications, Missile Defense Agency, Berrie-Hill Research Corporation, and Georgia Technology Research Institute. Specific experience with these customers includes RF and IR signature design, systems engineering, program management, and high-end EM tool development, measurement, and product design. Areas of support range from analysis functions or subsystem design/development to management of programs valued at hundreds of millions of dollars.

The IERUS management team is focused on hiring and developing highly skilled professionals capable of providing our customers with critical skills and/or products necessary to successfully execute their programs.

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