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620 Discovery Drive NW, Building 1 Suite 200, Huntsville, Alabama, United States 35806

Aviation & Missile Solutions, LLC (AMS) was founded in 1999 as a joint venture between Dynetics, Inc. and Camber Corporation to bring together the widest range of engineering capabilities to the US Army’s AMCOM EXPRESS contract. AMS spent the last five years as a wholly owned subsidiary of Dynetics. In January 2022, an investor group led by former Dynetics leadership purchased AMS to focus on critical research & development efforts focused on air and missile defense technologies with a Huntsville-owned and Huntsville-based small business.

AMS has an experienced and dedicated technical staff with subject matter expertise ranging from air and missile defense technologies, command and control, radar systems, seekers, modeling & simulation, and prototype hardware development and testing. Whether it’s fundamental research, technology insertion, modernization, or sustainment, AMS provides our customers a level of capabilities and experience usually seen in much larger contractors.

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