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920 Explorer Boulevard NW, Huntsville, AL 35806, Alabama, United States 35806

As part of the Aviagen Group – the world's leading poultry breeding company –  Aviagen invests heavily in research focused on delivering balanced progress in both broiler and breeder traits. Through the application and integration of novel techniques and new technologies, continuous progress in breeder and broiler chicken performance is delivered simultaneously in commercial traits such as broiler live weight and egg production, as well as welfare-related traits such as robustness, cardiovascular fitness and skeletal strength. The focus for Aviagen is on maintaining balanced progress in each branded product line. A highly trained team, many with more than a quarter of a century of experience, selects the best breeding stock. The application of new technologies and advanced selection techniques and data analysis means greater selection accuracy and improved rates of genetic progress.

To this end, Aviagen collaborates with its distributors and customers to identify specific market requirements. Constant improvement of existing commercial brands, the expansion of genetic pool diversity through acquisitions such as the Peterson Male line, and the meticulous evaluation and development of new lines, ensure Aviagen remains the supplier of choice to the global poultry industry.

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