CFD Research awarded $1.7M grant from NIH to develop 3D bone models

CFD Research awarded $1.7M grant from NIH to develop 3D bone models

(Huntsville, Ala. | July 30, 2022) – CFD Research is developing multi-scale in vitro 3D tissue models of vascularized bone-cartilage interactions under a $1.7M National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant managed by the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS).

This grant is focused on using the developed model to screen therapeutics for Osteoarthritis (OA) which is the most common chronic disease of the joints resulting in cartilage degradation. Even though the underlying mechanisms of OA are not clearly understood, it is widely known that the interaction between vascularized bone and cartilage is a key element in the progression of the disease.

“Current in vitro models of vascularized bone tissues do not mimic the in vivo microenvironment comprising of diverse cell types in communication with each other through stromal barriers,” said Dr. Prabhakar Pandian, CFD Research Director and Principal Investigator for this project. “They are also hampered by lack of real-time visualization and quantitation of vasculature-bone and bone-cartilage interactions.”

“In contrast, animal models while providing useful information are time-consuming and expensive. They also provide a limited understanding of mechanistic behavior compared to well-controlled in vitro studies. Thus, there is an unmet need for an in vitro platform for improved monitoring and analysis of vascularized bone-cartilage interactions,” notes Dr. Kapil Pant, CFD Research Executive Vice President.

The product will be commercialized to pharmaceutical firms, drug research labs, and universities/non-profit centers engaged in neurological research and drug delivery. The developed in-vitro platform will have critical applications in drug discovery, where it can be used to reliably measure the potential of drug candidates. Equally important, it is also expected to stimulate basic research, where it can be used to study the biological mechanisms and aid significantly in the development of new therapeutics for OA.

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