Huntsville Hospital and Kailos Genetics partner to give COVID tests to asymptomatic people

Even if you are not showing symptoms, you can still get tested for COVID-19

Huntsville Hospital and Kailos Genetics are partnering up to give COVID tests to people who aren’t showing symptoms, but still want to know if they have the virus.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — This program put on by the Huntsville Hospital System and Kailos Genetics, Inc. is called the Peace of Mind Program, and it provides people who are showing no symptoms of COVID, the ability to get tested and have peace of mind themselves.

“The people that are asymptomatic, you know, they’re a danger because they do have interactions, I mean none of us have a perfect bubble that we live in,” said Troy Moore, Chief Scientific Officer, Kailos Genetics, Inc.

Although you may not have symptoms, you could be walking around with the coronavirus and not even know it. This may not be an issue for an asymptomatic person, but it could be a huge deal for someone with the risk of age or a preexisting condition.

“If you don’t know it and you pass it along to somebody, then the chain continues to propagate, right? And somewhere in there is somebody much more at risk,” said Moore.

The goal of the Peace of Mind Program is of course, to give those without symptoms well, peace of mind. It allows asymptomatic people to know whether they have COVID or not, but it’s also to help keep others, who may be at a higher risk, safe too.

“This tries to alleviate some of that concern, because yeah, you know, you hear all kinds of numbers, let’s just say 40% or so of the transmissions are by asymptomatic individuals, right? They’re not gonna get seen at the Fever & Flu Clinic, and so we’re just trying to provide multiple different channels for which people can get tested, to best suit whatever their concerns are, whatever their needs are,” said Moore.

The test is $55, and insurance, including Medicare/Medicaid will not be accepted. People who are experiencing COVID symptoms will be recommended to be screened and tested by Huntsville Hospital’s Fever & Flu Clinic.

“By getting tested, you can say, well, you know, I don’t have to be concerned that I am going to expose my brother or sister because I have to see them tomorrow because of whatever, there are things that just happen, that we can’t live in that perfect bubble,” said Moore.

To schedule an appointment, please contact the Huntsville Hospital Laboratory at (256) 265- 2522 and choose option 2.