Intuitive Research and Technology opens Corporate Innovation Hub at University of Alabama’s Invention to Innovation Center

Intuitive Research and Technology opens Corporate Innovation Hub at University of Alabama’s Invention to Innovation Center

HUNTSVILLE, AL – May 2020 – The Invention to Innovation Center (I²C) at the University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) announced today that Huntsville-based Intuitive Research and Technology Corporation (INTUITIVE®), a professional engineering and analytical services company, will open the first Corporate Innovation Hub (iHub) at I2C.

With a dedicated footprint at I2C, the INTUITIVE iHub will serve as a “sand-box and skunk-works” to inspire breakthroughs and explore pathways and research supporting the vision and objectives strategic to its commercialization interests. This includes assessment and launch of dual-use technologies, which demonstrate product-market fit for commercial applications.

“We’re extremely excited to partner with INTUITIVE on this initiative. INTUITIVE leadership demonstrates entrepreneurial mindset and creativity to allow its brightest minds to innovate and think outside the box,” said Rigved Joshi, Director of I2C. “The INTUITIVE iHub is a perfect addition to our ecosystem. We look forward to leveraging UAH’s faculty, students, and labs for research and special projects at the INTUITIVE iHub. The I2C will serve as pivotal resource to the INTUITIVE team, specifically for technology review, market analysis, and business readiness planning by articulating strategies focusing on IP monetization and generation of sustainable revenue streams from spin-out ventures. We are eagerly looking forward to getting started on our first project –Clarus Viewer.”

INTUITIVE has a long history of solving big data challenges and providing extended reality solutions for government customers. In response to the growing demand for better medical imagery, an IR&D team and budget were assembled, and Clarus Viewer was born. With the use of patent protected and proprietary software, Clarus Viewer takes data from traditional medical imaging, such as MRI and CT, and reproduces medical images in extended reality using patent protected and proprietary software. This innovative way of viewing the medical data could be a very useful tool in medical diagnostics, health care, and health care training and education.

INTUITIVE Co-Founder and Chairman Harold Brewer stated, “We tapped Mary Scott Hunter last year to spearhead the company’s first major dual use technology commercialization efforts because of her legal background, but moreover her team-building and business acumen.  She was an early proponent of establishing the INTUITIVE iHub at the I2C and has facilitated INTUITIVE’s team in its formation and structure.”

“The collaboration potential and the opportunity to access the brightest minds in our area makes this partnership invaluable,” states Hunter. “No matter what market you are in, the recipe for success always includes a variety of brilliant individuals working in collaboration. Our area is full of brilliant minds, certainly in the STEM disciplines, but also in business, law, health care, and more. We plan to tap in to all that talent and energy, and the I2C is going to help us do that.”

About Intuitive Research and Technology Corporation
INTUITIVE® is an aerospace engineering and analysis firm headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama that provides production support, systems engineering, programmatic support, product development, rapid prototyping, and technology management to the Department of Defense, other State and Federal Government agencies, and commercial companies. INTUITIVE’s approach couples the latest technology with engineering expertise, analytical proficiency, and keen managerial oversight.  From design through production to sustainment, the company proudly provides management and technical solutions throughout all phases of the systems lifecycle.

About I²C
The Invention to Innovation Center (I²C) is a regional initiative that fosters, promotes, and accelerates commercialization of technology-based ventures through incubation, coworking, mentorship, funding, and strategic support. The center is open to those looking to learn about entrepreneurship, explore a technology-based venture, participate in I²C events, and be a part of the I²C entrepreneurial community.