International business based in Huntsville helping with coronavirus illness

International business based in Huntsville helping with coronavirus illness

In Huntsville, the new, dangerous strain of the coronavirus isn’t an issue right now.

But we found out how one Rocket City company is helping fight the outbreak.

A company called iCubate designed a machine that can take a strain of a respiratory issue and single out the strain of the specific virus and possible symptoms.

The CEO told WAAY-31 they last used it during the swine flu outbreak and with time, it could be used again to help fight coronavirus.

This machine is somewhat of a tape recorder….

You take the virus’ strain and place it in the tape, then the tape identifies what the symptoms could be and helps doctors figure out a more specific way to treat patients.

Since 2018, iCubate has worked with a company in China, specializing in molecular diagnostics.

When the corona virus hit late last month, iCubate and the China-based company decided to work together.

We spoke with the CEO who told us with this machine, a solution could be on the way.

“Once you know exactly what this pathogen is, you want to treat it a certain way. So the idea is to have a very personalized diagnostic tool, which is ours and match it up with the appropriate treatment,” said Carter Wells.

Though there are confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the United States, right now, Huntsville Hospital says no one in North Alabama is sick with the new strain.