CFD Research awarded $89M contract for Protected Technologies

Redstone Arsenal, Ala. (Tue. October 14, 2019) – CFD Research announced today that it has been awarded a prototype project agreement through the Aviation and Missile Technology Consortium (AMTC) to perform important development and prototyping of advanced protective technology architectures. The three-year Other Transaction Authority (OTA) agreement supports the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Aviation & Missile Center and has a ceiling value of $88.9 million.

The objective of this effort is the development of computer processor and associated electronics that are resistant to reverse engineering and tampering.  CFD Research will develop protective technology processes, components, architectures, and hardware that meet government requirements and advance capabilities in characterizing, assessing, and mitigating threats and vulnerabilities.

“Under this program CFD Research will enhance the government’s abilities to assess and counter reverse engineering threats and provide example secure architectures based on these processes.  Any government program with an Anti-Tamper requirement will benefit directly from this effort,” commented Stephen Cayson, CFD Research Vice President and COO.

As threat models evolve and process technologies shrink, improvements in anti-tamper techniques and capabilities are required.  These new techniques require development of new mitigation techniques and synthesis of new system requirements and designs. The prototypes being developed will have an architecture and ability to disable functionality based on intrusion detection. These features will ensure that all possible means are used to secure algorithms and classified data in critical military design, systems and platforms and prevent the loss of information, algorithm and system capabilities that would cause serious or exceptionally grave damage to national security.

“CFD Research is honored to be awarded this AMTC OTA effort supporting the Army’s Aviation & Missile Center customer.  This agreement represents our third award under the AMTC consortium and allows us to build upon several associated technology development and service contracts,” said Sameer Singhal, CFD Research President & CEO. “Under this award CFD Research will continue its long association with the protected technologies team at AvMC in the ever-challenging pursuit of secure and robust technologies.”