New cyber tech magnet school to be held on UAH campus

New cyber tech magnet school to be held on UAH campus

Last year, Governor Kay Ivey signed a bill to create the Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering (ASCTE). Today, state and city leaders met to announce plans for the new school.

The new Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering will be the third of its kind in Alabama. The magnet school will be tuition free, and students from all 67 counties in the state can attend. They plan to start recruiting this fall.

Starting in 2020, students will temporarily attend classes and live in the Bevill Center on The University of Alabama in Huntsville’s campus.

Chief of Staff for the President of UAH, Ray Garner, said, “We have rooms and a safe and secure location. We have classrooms in that building, and we have food services in that building.”

The permanent location for the school will be at Cummings Research Park. Construction is set to begin next year. The school is expected to open by 2022.

Redstone Federal Credit Union is doing their part to ensure the permanent building is in place by donating $3 million to the school.

Redstone Federal Credit Union CEO, Joe Newberry, said, “We want to be a catalyst for positive change in all the communities we live in, and that’s wherever we have a branch.”

Madison County Superintendent, Matt Massey, was appointed as the school’s president.

“The opportunity to almost build a school from scratch is kind of any educators dream come true, but to get to do one of this magnitude and of this importance, it’s just an incredible opportunity, so I’m really excited to be a part of it,” said Massey.