Stealth-ISS Group® Inc. Makes a Big Impression in Huntsville, AL

Stealth-ISS Group® Inc. Makes a Big Impression in Huntsville, AL

Huntsville, AL, June 10, 2019 – Stealth-ISS Group® Inc., an Arlington, VA based full-service IT and cyber security services and consulting company, has proved themselves to be a leader in the community in just a few short months. Stealth Group’s president, Dasha Deckwerth, was honored to be presented the Industry Partner award at the 2019 National Cyber Summit, showcasing that Stealth Group is already a valued member of the community and recognized as helping the Tennessee Valley become synonymous with cyber security.

Presenting the industry award to Ms. Deckwerth was Kim King, the president of Cyber Huntsville. The award was given to an “individual that was proven to be a leader in the cyber community”. With Cyber Huntsville’s mission of growing the Tennessee Valley region to be known as a national cyber center of excellence, Stealth Group has become a sustaining member of Cyber Huntsville and looks forward to future involvement in the organization and city.

“We in Cyber Huntsville are so excited and happy that Dasha Deckwerth, Founder and President of Stealth Group, won our annual Cyber Huntsville Industry Award for Excellence in Cyber Management.” stated Mr. King. “In the 5 months since relocating her company headquarters to Huntsville, Dasha has already made tremendous positive contributions to both the local corporate and economic environments. She is also a wonderful and active role model for young people, particularly young women, who might not have even considered a career in Cyber.”

In addition to winning the Cyber Huntsville Industry Award, Stealth Group has grown tremendously during their time in Huntsville. Not only has the company made many meaningful partnerships and teamed with with leading companies in the area, Stealth Group has also brought multiple jobs to the area and continues to recruit as they quickly expand. Stealth Group is excited to be currently moving their office (for the second time in 5 months) to a larger location inside Cumming Research Park to support the rate of growth.

“We are excited to be part of the Huntsville community where we have already established strong business partnerships and personal friendships,” stated Dasha Deckwerth. “We are looking forward to contributing to the growth of Cyber in Huntsville and protecting our war fighters and local partners.”