Cummings Research Park: Media Tour

By Claire Aiello

Photos here:

On April 12, we hosted local journalists for a driving tour of Cummings Research Park.  There’s been quite a bit of development in the Park in recent months, and we wanted to showcase some of the great work members are doing.

We dropped by Innovate Huntsville-Research Park, which is located at 4809 Bradford Drive in the eastern portion of the park. The building is going through extensive renovations and is expected to be ready in about a year, according to Larry Lewis, President of PROJECTXYZ, Inc.  The building will offer options for start-up businesses and other companies who need maker space.

We then moved to the intersection of Bradford Drive and Wynn Drive, to the site of the old Catholic High School.  There, we revealed an artist rendering of Bradford Crossings, a future mixed-use development that will be built at the site.  Alex Samples of Samples Properties and Erin Koshut, Executive Director of Cummings Research Park, explained that the retail center will offer new shopping and dining options for people inside and outside of the Park. You should see it start to take shape within the next year.

We then dropped by Blue Origin’s construction site, which is quickly taking shape. Construction crews are keeping busy, with an aggressive timeline to have the facility finished by 2020.

Finally, we visited Raytheon’s Warfighter Visualization Center.  Heather Scholan, Senior Program Manager for the Center, showed us the 3D technology the company uses with customers such as the Missile Defense Agency to help protect the warfighter.

Thanks to companies for participating, and thank you to the local media for joining us on the tour!

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