ATHELA Contract Award for AEgis Technologies

Huntsville, Alabama (July 30, 2018) – The AEgis Technologies Group Inc. (AEgis) is proud to announce the United States Army Space and Missile Defense Command (SMDC)/Army Forces Strategic Command (USARSTRAT) has awarded a $29M Advanced Technologies for High Energy Laser Applications (ATHELA) contract to AEgis.  ATHELA was awarded as a Task Order under the Design, Development, Demonstration and Integration (D3I) Domain 3, Enhanced Warfighter Capabilities Contract to support the High Energy Laser Division of the SMDC Air & Missile Defense Directorate.

AEgis and a select group of D3I partners will conduct an array of high energy laser (HEL) technology research and development (R&D) efforts to support transition of HEL weapons to the battlefield.  The primary focus of ATHELA is improved efficiency and ruggedization, decreased size, weight and power (SWaP), and increased technology readiness levels (TRLs) for laser and beam control technologies.

Mr. Pat Cannon, AEgis Vice President of Distributed Operations, stated, “AEgis has been providing HEL R&D and weapon system development support to the Department of Defense, the Missile Defense Agency and the U.S. Air Force for almost two decades.  As a retired Army officer, I am thrilled AEgis and our team can now apply that knowledge and experience to help SMDC solve Army HEL problems and give our soldiers the weapons they need to fight and win our nation’s battles.  The Army is at the forefront of transitioning HEL to the warfighter so this a strategic win for AEgis as it extends our directed energy line of business into Huntsville and SMDC.”

Reference: Public Release #8121

About The AEgis Technologies Group Inc.

AEgis Technologies is a high-tech, privately held small business headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, that specializes in modeling and simulation technology and emerging training solutions for military and commercial applications. Our capabilities include: Warfighter Training & Exercise Support; Virtual & Augmented Reality (VR/AR) Simulators; Unmanned Air (UAS/Drone) & Ground Vehicles (UGV) Simulators;

Geospatial-3D Content; Gaming; Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI); Cyber Security – IA/RMF; Satellite Communications and Assessment; Directed Energy/HEL Sensors & Instrumentation; Systems Engineering & Analysis; System Development & Integration; Test & Evaluation; Verification, Validation, & Accreditation (VV&A); Process Control Automation; and Advanced Materials Technologies.  For additional information please visit our website: