Welcome to CRPeople! This series is designed for you to meet the individuals behind the incredible technology and innovation here in Cummings Research Park. Learn about interesting perspectives that are seen in the featured employee’s field, gain a deeper understanding of what the different companies in The Park actually do, and find out more about each of their unique experiences in Huntsville. We hope you enjoy this opportunity to meet the fantastic employees of the Park!

Maribeth Morgan, Web Content Developer and Team ADTRAN Committee Lead, ADTRAN, Inc. 

ADTRAN was founded 34 years ago right here in Huntsville and has grown up in the heart of Cummings Research Park. ADTRAN is a global company but CRP is where our corporate headquarters is located. ADTRAN is a telecommunications company. We design, develop, and manufacture products and services to support high speed data. Our goal is to help service providers effortlessly provide all your favorite services, whether it’s social media, TV binging, video games, or video chatting with your family and friends around the world.

I’m a Web Designer. My primary responsibility is updating our website with product information. I’m also on the Team ADTRAN committee which encourages our employees to find volunteer opportunities, promotes corporate giving, and facilitates opportunities on campus. It’s my favorite part of my job!

I’ve lived in Huntsville all my life and I’ve seen our city change and grow! Some have been sad changes like Madison Square Mall being torn down. Others are exciting like watching UAH, my alma mater, get bigger and lots of new businesses and restaurants come here. One of my new favorite things is axe throwing! Also, I can’t wait for the new Mid-City amphitheater to be built and the music hall at the VBC to be completed. I’m a longtime fan of live music and we need the mid-size locations. The Mercantile opening is great news, too.