Welcome to CRPeople! This series is designed for you to meet the individuals behind the incredible technology and innovation here in Cummings Research Park. Learn about interesting perspectives that are seen in the featured employee’s field, gain a deeper understanding of what the different companies in The Park actually do, and find out more about each of their unique experiences in Huntsville. We hope you enjoy this opportunity to meet the fantastic employees of the Park!



Matthew Fredrickson, Director of Open Source Software Development, Sangoma

I’m a mostly-native of the Huntsville area, having grown up in Decatur but moved in at a young age from Seattle.  My undergraduate degree is in Computer Engineering from UAH.  I have worked in Research Park for the last 16-18 years at an Alabama based business called Digium which was recently acquired by a Canadian company called Sangoma.

Sangoma is an international telecommunications company that provides products and services to solve telecommunications problems for our customers.  We do so using both open source and proprietary software and technologies.  It is the corporate sponsor of both the open source telecommunications toolbox known as Asterisk as well as the FreePBX project, which is a GUI to wrap up some of the functionality of Asterisk into a form that’s more human usable.  Asterisk and FreePBX are the heart of many businesses’ phone systems ranging from small mom-and-pop shops to Fortune 500 companies.

My role at Sangoma is the Director of Open Source Software Development.  As a part of that job, I’m responsible for directing the ongoing development efforts for both the Asterisk and FreePBX teams at Sangoma, as well as planning and coordinating future directions for those projects.


In this edition of "CRPeople," meet Gabe Xu, an associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at The…

Posted by Cummings Research Park on Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Gabriel Xu, Associate Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH)         

I am an associate professor here in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department. At UAH there’s an academic side and a research side. Most people will generally only see one or the other so as a tenure track faculty member I straddle both sides. I teach classes during the semester but I also have to do research. I have graduate students and I have contracts and funding as we do various research type things.

I got my bachelors, masters and PhD in Aerospace Engineering from The Georgia Institute of Technology. I always liked space and airplanes as a kid. It really started when they started showing reruns of Star Trek Next Generation on TV when I was a kid, that’s what I grew up with and I always wanted to be Geordi La Forge, the engineer, on the show and wanted to know how to build these things and I liked space airplanes rockets things like that so I pursued aerospace engineering.

When I was graduating I was looking for a job and I always thought of teaching. The opportunity came up and Huntsville is a big center of aerospace, so I thought “let me apply” and luck would have it, I happen to get the job so I came here and I’ve enjoyed it very much, I enjoy working with students and the community. This is very much a hub of aerospace engineering. I can find lots of fellow engineers around who have the same ideas and the same types of interests which I found really encouraging that other people around you can talk shop, you can get along with them. I like going to the [Space and] Rocket Center. I have been to it a number of times but I still like going to Rocket center and the Davidson Center where you can stand at the end of the Saturn 5. I can look up at it and it’s still impressive, it still gives me chills.

So my research falls under the umbrella what’s called low temperature plasma science and engineering. So in the aerospace engineering department we use that for things in space propulsion, combustion science, and material chemistry. So my background with my graduate work on was plasma thrusters like propulsion for satellites. So what these space one mission to do Dawn Mission use for example. But here I do some of that. I also do some plasma assisted combustion as well as plasmic treatment for stable decontamination of water or systems nanoparticles. So some material chemistry type behaviors.


In this edition of "CRPeople," meet Justin Black, a mechanical engineer at LSINC Corporation. Justin describes his role in creating effective solutions to customer problems and how LSINC works directly with customers to individualize those solutions. Learn more details from Justin on the CRPeople page on our website!

Posted by Cummings Research Park on Thursday, April 25, 2019

Justin Black, Mechanical Engineer, LSINC Corporation

Graduate of Mississippi State University

LSINC takes product concepts from idea to reality by talking with customers helping them solidify their ideas, designing and delivering an engineering data package for a product, then proto-typing, manufacturing and testing the final product.

I talk with customers to ensure they are receiving the product they expect. I am also involved in the product design and engineering phases through the manufacturing process. It’s a very collaborative process, which I really enjoy.

Huntsville is a great central location for many out door activities while still having the resources and luxury’s of a large city.


In this second edition of "CRPeople," meet LeJuan George, Senior Business Development Officer at Redstone Federal Credit Union. LeJuan speaks about his career journey that led him to Redstone Federal Credit Union and explains the many wonderful programs this organization offers for our community!Learn more details from LeJuan on the CRPeople page on our website!Link:

Posted by Cummings Research Park on Thursday, March 28, 2019

LeJuan George, Senior Business Development Officer, Redstone Federal Credit Union

LeJuan George, originally from Birmingham, AL, however resided in Huntsville, AL my entire life.  I received a Marketing degree from Alabama A&M University.  I launched my career path pursuing marketing with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) of North Alabama as a Marketing/Public Relations coordinator by conducting live, pre-recorded television appearances and radio segments as the spokesperson to inform the community and thwart off scams.  Since ’08, I joined Redstone Federal Credit Union to further my marketing career by becoming a Marketing Officer.  I was able to create and direct all marketing efforts for 8 internal departments and 8 branches.  Throughout my tenure, I have held increasingly responsible positions within Corporate & Community Relations, Business Market Development, Business Solutions, and Business Development.

Redstone Federal Credit Union, Alabama’s #1 ranked and largest credit union, with $4.8 billion in assets and over 430,000 members.  We are serious about service!  As a member-owned credit union, we give back to our members through better rates, personalized service, and customized financial education. We make a difference in our communities by donating, volunteering, and striving to be more eco-friendly.

Simply stated, I serve as the face of the credit union.  I market Redstone Federal Credit Union.  As of January 2018, I was promoted to Senior Business Development Officer, I conduct marketing initiatives such as Membership Campaigns to our 1,500+ Membership Partners in North Alabama.  This is where campaigns are customized for businesses to help their employees obtain membership (in order to join the credit union) all while helping them achieve financial success.  I also conduct Affinity marketing where I manage our Affinity Debit Card program which helps raise funds for participating schools or organizations by making everyday purchases.  I also handle Loyalty marketing where I manage our Redstone Discounts program by working with area businesses to provide offers.  These offers are advertised on Redstone’s website where our members can view with a web link to the business to learn more about the business, then redeem by simply going to the business and “asking for their discount” at the time of purchase.  The caveat, they must use their Redstone debit or credit card to receive the offer.

I enjoy art!  I always enjoy attending Panoply.  I enjoy Gates 6, 8 & 10 at Huntsville International Airport (Delta Airlines to be specific) because, it gets me to another part of the US or world to discover cuisines, art, culture and so much more. / I can appreciate the growth of Huntsville.  I remember distinctly what use to be woods in one part of the city is now a thriving source of commerce and still growing.  I grew up being a baseball fan and college football fan. I keenly remember attending games at Milton Frank Stadium, Joe Davis and then on to Lewis Crews, however, my sports interest waned significantly after completing college.  With the growth of Huntsville and Madison, I look forward to seeing the new chapter of minor league baseball ball in Madison with our popular Trash Pandas.


CRPeople: Maribeth Morgan, ADTRAN

We are so excited to introduce our CRPeople series! In this first edition, meet Maribeth Morgan, a Web Content Designer at ADTRAN, Inc. Maribeth describes what it is that Adtran does and explains her multiple roles within the organization. As a Team ADTRAN Committee Lead, she is a great example of a leader in the CRP community and we couldn't be happier to have her kick off this series!Learn more details from Maribeth on the CRPeople page on our website!Link:

Posted by Cummings Research Park on Thursday, February 21, 2019

Maribeth Morgan, Web Content Developer and Team ADTRAN Committee Lead, ADTRAN, Inc. 

ADTRAN was founded 34 years ago right here in Huntsville and has grown up in the heart of Cummings Research Park. ADTRAN is a global company but CRP is where our corporate headquarters is located. ADTRAN is a telecommunications company. We design, develop, and manufacture products and services to support high speed data. Our goal is to help service providers effortlessly provide all your favorite services, whether it’s social media, TV binging, video games, or video chatting with your family and friends around the world.

I’m a Web Designer. My primary responsibility is updating our website with product information. I’m also on the Team ADTRAN committee which encourages our employees to find volunteer opportunities, promotes corporate giving, and facilitates opportunities on campus. It’s my favorite part of my job!

I’ve lived in Huntsville all my life and I’ve seen our city change and grow! Some have been sad changes like Madison Square Mall being torn down. Others are exciting like watching UAH, my alma mater, get bigger and lots of new businesses and restaurants come here. One of my new favorite things is axe throwing! Also, I can’t wait for the new Mid-City amphitheater to be built and the music hall at the VBC to be completed. I’m a longtime fan of live music and we need the mid-size locations. The Mercantile opening is great news, too.