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678 Discovery Drive NW, Huntsville, AL 35806
678 Discovery Drive NW Huntsville AL 35806 US

ComplexIQ Inc.  (“CIQ”) is an IP development and licensing company specializing in high-quality IP for the connected home.  The company offers a low-cost alternative to comparable products in the market and a faster time-to-market solution than internal development. CIQ’s business model includes product licensing, product customization, and on-going support.

CIQ’s initial product line focuses on MoCA technologies.   With certified MoCA 1.1 IP now available for licensing,  and MoCA 2.0 technology available for early adopters, the company can address the needs of silicon providers seeking a low-cost solution for in-home connectivity. The CIQ development team members have participated in the MoCA Alliance as Contributor Members since 2006.  They have made material contributions to the MoCA 1.1 and 2.0 standards, served as officers of the alliance, and are internationally recognized experts in MoCA technology.